Our Philosophy

Vitae Pondera Institute of Integrative Health promotes wellness through evidence-based philosophies of natural medicine, self-care and preventative health protocols. Our mission is to provide compassionate excellence in integrative, naturopathic, holistic health care while teaching and supporting in an environment that is creative, respectful, ethical, adaptive, and accountable. Clients are encouraged to be active, inquiring, and self-empowered participants in their care, along with their attending medical physicians and other medical support, optimizing all community and spiritual resources available, for the purpose of natural, non-invasive health support and preventative health care.


Heidi's passion for natural healing began twelve years ago, as a result of her own thirty-five year challenge with multiple neurological disorders. Living with numerous, massive seizures daily, in a vegetative state of existence, it was through her self-developed natural healing protocol that she experienced full recovery. Now, she applies those very same methods of natural, holistic healing  to others.  Her full testimonial of healing is detailed in the Testimonials page, above.


Today, Heidi is founding owner and practitioner of Vitae Pondera Institute of Natural Health. She has received separate dual-doctorate degrees in Naturopathy (Ph.DHH. and N.D.) at Kingdom College of Natural Health. She completed her a Master of Science degree in Holistic Health, specializing in Homeopathy and a Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Health as a Nutritional Consultant, Master Herbalist, and Holistic Health Practitioner from Global College of Natural Medicine. Specific services include consultation for diverse health support, orthomolecular nutrition, individualized weight management programs, Ayurveda medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and energy healing therapies, as she is a Master/Teacher in both the Reiki and Chios healing philosophies. (Reiki and Chios are bio-energetic healing techniques which are increasingly being used in hospitals and medical settings both in the United States and throughout the world. These techniques are used to promote natural healing, to relax the patient, manage stress, improve sleep, and heighten the quality of life, being widely used in many progressive cancer-recovery health programs and post-surgical healing.)

Professional Credentials and Education

Board Certified by both the American Association of Drugless Practitioners Commission, Cert. No. 90313412

Board Certified by The American Council of Holistic Medicine, Diplomat Member.

Certified in Homeoprophylaxis

Self-Management Resource Center: Education for Chronic Conditions, Chronic Pain and Diabetes

       Master Trainer 

Energy Healing Philosophies: Master /Teacher
        Reiki: Usu Shuki Roho Level I-IV; 2003-Present; Studied Under Terryee Abbott

  • Chios Level I-III; 2010-Present; Studied Under Stephen Bartlett


Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA): 2010-Present;  

  • Dementia Care Specialist (QDCS) Certification and Continuing Education


Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy, 2011-Present

  • Hypnotherapists Union Local 472, AFL-CIO, OPEIU


Nutritional Consultant (NC): 2007; Global College of Natural Medicine

  • Five Comprehensive Case Studies

  • Orthomolecular Nutrition

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Toxicity and Detoxification

  • Pediatric Nutrition

  • Medical Terminology

  • Alternative Healing Methods

  • Common Ailments Prevention and Treatment

  • Weight Loss

  • Physical Fitness

  • Business Procedures


Master Herbalist (MH): 2008; Global College of Natural Medicine

  • Five Comprehensive Case Studies

  • Eastern Medicine

  • Western Herbal Medicine

  • Materia Medica Therapeutic Herbalism

  • Botany and Plant Identification/Harvesting

  • Making Herbal Remedies

  • Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions: Dietary Guidelines

  • Business Procedures Jurisprudence


Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP): 2009; Global College of Natural Medicine

  • Nine Comprehensive Case Studies

  • Prerequisite Nutritional Consultant Program (above)

  • Prerequisite Master Herbalist Program (above)

  • Dietary Guidelines

  • Alternative Diagnostic Methods

  • Environmental Medicine

  • Energy Work

  • Body-Mind Medicine

  • Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions

  • Common Ailments Prevention and Treatment


Bachelor of Science in Holistic Health (BSHH): 2010; Global College of Natural Medicine

  • Prerequisite Holistic Health Practitioner Certification (above)

  • Health Belief System Theory and Community Assessment

  • Writing Academic Papers (Research and APA)

  • Chemistry for Health Science Professionals

  • Anatomy and Physiology for Health Science Professionals

  • Research Terminology

  • Statistics


 Master of Science in Homeopathy (MSHH): 2011; Global College of Natural Medicine 

  • Advanced Nutrition

  • Research Methodology

  • Advanced Homeopathy Program

  • Thesis


Doctorate of Philosophy in Holistic Health (PhDHH): 2012- 2016; Kingdom College of Natural Health

  • Research Project

  • Advanced Research

  • Advanced Orthomolecular Nutrition

  • Iridology

  • Bach Flower Therapy

  • Color Therapy

  • Vibrational Medicine

  • The Breathing of TOA

  • Aromatherapy

  • Art & Music Therapy

  • Dissertation: Protocol of Comprehensive Methods to Address Neuropsychological Symptoms  of Manic Depressive Disorder, Tic Disorder and Seizure Disorder.


Doctorate of  Naturopathy:  2012-2016; Kingdom College of Natural Health

  • Alternative and Conventional Treatments I  

  • Alternative and Conventional Treatments II  

  • Alternative and Conventional Treatments III  

  • Addiction Treatment

  • Healing Concepts

  • Nutritional Modalities

  • Healing Fats and Killing Fats  

  • Microbiology

  • Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interaction  

  • Western Medicine I (Merck)

  • Western Medicine II (Merck)  

  • Practicum (Clientele Consulting, Jurisprudence [Law], and Certification

  • Counseling & Personalities Disorders

  • Detoxification

  • Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking

  • Pathophysiology  

  • Family Therapy

  • Disorders of the Personality (DSM-IV) and Beyond

  • Stress, Diet, and Your Heart   

  • Anti-Aging Medicine

  • Massage Therapy

  • The Fundamentals of Immunity

  • Dissertation: A Singular Protocol to Address Neurological Disorders Caused by Auto-Immune Expressive Dysfunction.

Disclaimer:  All information and health suggestions are intended only to educate and assist in personal health efforts. No information in the website is be construed as orthodox or conventional medical advice or diagnosis, but is intended as health and dietary information and lifestyle strategy for wellness and prevention of disease. The information generated should not be interpreted as a substitute for physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment. The resources listed in this guide are not intended to be fully systematic or complete, nor does inclusion here imply any endorsement. If you have any questions regarding any lingering health concern, you should seek medical assistance.

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