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Learning RX with Martin Krueger

June 30 2011
Healing the Sick Brain

July 28, 2011
ADD / ADHD: Complimentary Healing Options through Nutrition

Angel Coaches with Terryee Abbott
Feb. 21, 2013
Learn the steps to have physical healing in your body. Heidi has healed herself of epilepsy, Tourette's syndrome, bipolar 
disorder and fibromyalgia. Today, she will give us a series of  steps we can start today after we listen to the show to begin 
our own journey of physical healing.

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy
March 27, 2013
OCD, ADD, Bipolar, and SAD
What do these disorders have in common? There are all manageable without drugs. These disorders are ramped
today and the first thing done is give you a pill and a label. There is a common link that binds these disorders 
and a holistic treatment that is non invasive and does not impede our creativity. Tune in to hear Holistic 
h\Health Practitioner, Heidi Hoke guide us through the process in living and thriving with these disorders, and 
even in eliminating them


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