"At the age of thirteen, I began having seizures approximately once a year, mistaken as anxiety. I had also endured a severe stuttering problem and multiple types of facial, vocal, and body tics as a small child, but no connection of these symptoms was ever made.

As an adult, unable to speak fluently due to my unsuccessful attempt to hide and disguise my tics and stuttering, I experienced an extended period of traumatic stress and personal struggle in both my private and professional life, as my seizures became increasingly frequent and severe, never being properly diagnosed or treated. Additionally, I began to experience constant, chronic pain in my joints and muscles accompanied by severe, painful, open lesions down my arms. I was then diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but the wounds on my arms could not be diagnosed nor successfully treated by neither neurologists nor dermatologists.

In September of 2001, thirty years into my illness, I collapsed one day at work, having twelve tonic-clonic seizures before arriving at the hospital emergency room. After medical observation and treatment, a similar episode occurred two weeks later. At the age of forty three, the severity of the condition continue to degenerate and I became disabled. Most often in a vegetative state, while continuing to experience chronic, massive seizures, having an estimated 30,000-50,000 such seizures of six various types, over a thirty-seven-year period. As a result, I lost of my independence, having to give up the care of my three children, resigning from my job, losing the ability to drive, selling my home and putting all belongings in storage, to be cared for by my own family members.  The medical treatment I had received had been years of unsuccessful attempts with over fifteen various drug therapies, under the care of eight neurologists, two neuro-psychiatrists, and an epileptologist. It was agreed by doctors that surgery was the next option, although results could not be predicted, due to the generalized area that the seizures were occurring. There was no guarantee that I would ever be able to return to work, drive, function normally, or live independently. Brain surgery needed to be strongly considered, even at the lowered expectation of recovery.

On a Friday morning in 2003, going in and out of consciousness, it occurred to me to try to resume some sort of self-study in nutrition, and structure my own program of natural medicine and healing. I had experienced some improvement years before, when I had briefly undergone nutritional and herbal support with a naturopathic practitioner, but had not continued the treatment to fruition. Nutrition had always been an interest of mine, even as a child of nine, when I read books by Adele Davis in the 60's.

Later, in that process of working all my healing options in parallel with conventional drug therapy, I was finally correctly diagnosed with treatment-resistant epilepsy, bi-polar disorder, and Tourette's syndrome, the bi-polar believed to be a secondary complication of the severe, chronic seizures. My self-prescribed program of recovery began to work. As of 2005, I re-entered the corporate workplace in the medical device industry. Consistently progressing, as I continued my own natural healing program, I withdrew from conventional medicine in 2007. Continuing my work with medical devices, in 2008 I started back to school to advance my education for a Bachelor of Science degree as a Holistic Health Practitioner. I am now fully functional, with seizures controlled, symptom-free of both the bi-polar disorder and Tourette's, with my speech fluent, all without synthetic medication. The chronic pain of fibromyalgia has gone into remission and my arms have fully healed.

For me, as with so many others, natural medicine was a last resort. Now, it is my first resort. I consider 
my healing to be a divine gift, for it was God's medical tools that have always been within my reach. It was 
my responsibility to use them. After having this experience, I commit my life to practice the science and art of healing. I offer hope. This is my profession, ministry, and passion, sharing support and self-empowerment to those who seek my help, with equal commitment and determination. -H. Hoke



"Wow, he is already better! Not so much cough. He didn't take a nap yesterday. Better mood. I realize we have a long way to go with it, but it is so much more bearable! I bet he goes back to karate next week. YOU DID IT AGAIN! THANK YOU!"



"I've been on the supplements for about 10 to 12 days now. The arthritis pain has improved greatly!  On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being tons of pain) my pain was an 8 and it's now down to a 2!!!  My mobility has really improved and I have lots more energy too, thank God! My body reminds me right away if I wait too long before taking the supplements! The oil is very soothing to my hands and helps with the irritation and itching.  You're an angel! 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



P.S.  My sinus issues are slowly getting better too.  The drainage and stopped up nose and sore throat have slowed down. My sense of smell is coming back occasionally and the sore throat is gone.  On a 1 to 10 scale, the drainage was an 8 and now it's a 3. "



"Hi Heidi,
I know it's been a long time. I was sitting here reading various articles on better food and living and I thought about you and what working with you has given me. It's given me my power of choice and understanding of myself back. I now know my issues and what I can choose each day to do to either fuel or not fuel my issues. Most days lately, I choose to fuel the Candida and I pay for it but I recover. I'm in a phase where I'm at the fork in the road and I need to make a choice very soon. All the while, you and your guidance and information is in my mind talking to me.. Thank you. I understand me more. I'm seeking out information to help myself and others(I need to sell the information and advice I give.. lol) and I'm happier knowing now what I didn't before. I went to the OB GYN and was I had a Group B Strep infection and I was like what is that?!?! I knew my gut hadn't been the best. I researched it and was amazed at what had attacked my body. I'm okay right now but that is what has brought me to the fork in the road once again.  The beauty of working with you is that you give the essential tools for your clients to make those informed 
choices about their health and it's very comforting. This is my testimony about you and you can use it how you'd like. Iwish I could have a visit with you in person and I think I will make that step next year - God willing.  Thank you, Heidi... Thank you."

"...My life is incomparable to ANY OTHER TIME IN MY LIFE!!!!  By that, I mean, happiness, motivated-wise, and so much else.... I have never known this feeling!!!!  I "pop" out of bed (sometimes a couple of hours too early) absolutely ready to start a new day; full of wonder with what this new gift from God will bless me with. Love and Blessings to a Special Person..."

Bill (Smok'n Dawg) Mackie:

This story resulted from listening to a radio show that Heidi was on hosted by Sara Troy on the Authentic You Radio. At that time in my recovery or as you will soon learn, the slip backwards in my recovery progress from my accident and Parkinson’s and is a culmination of excerpts from email conversations we had after the show aired on March 26, 2013.

"In spite of all the progress I thought I was making in recovery, by early March of 2013 I was really beginning to feel hopeless. It was like I had finally hit the 20th mile wall; for those of you who are marathon runners you know what I talking about. You get to a point in the marathon around the 20th mile where everything just falls apart. The dehydration, muscle fatigue, disorientation, emotional and metal exhaustion all hitting you at once and you feel like you just can’t go one step further, even though you know you only have to go another few miles. But at that very moment in the race just going another 10 feet feels like you have just run another marathon! Then out of the blue you hear that one voice from the crowd of on lookers yelling at you to keep going, and suddenly you feel full of energy and rejuvenated. The spring is back in your stride, you pick up the pace, your focus returns and it is no longer about winning the race it’s about crossing that finish line with your head held high!

Well that’s is exactly I where I was, I had just hit the wall and ready to succumb to exhaustion, stress, pain, and anguish. In fact it was getting so bad I actually began to seriously going back to see a regular doctor and began looking into alternative treatments and therapies. Then Sara asked me to tune into her show the show that she would be interviewing Heidi on. I am sure glad that I did because her story was just that little bit of a kick in the butt that I needed, that anonymous voice from the spectators cheering me on to “Never give up, never give in”. Even though I couldn’t yet see it yet,  the finish line was much closer than I realized, well that’s what my little “Miracle Worker” Heidi could see lying before me.

Heidi’s show was on the 26 of March 2013, by then I could hardly walk. After listening to her story I sent her an email to thank her for sharing her story and to see how she could help me. Unfortunately Heidi was going out of town for a few weeks and we were unable to connect before she left. What is even more amazing is that very same “Easter” weekend I was blessed with a miracle. It was a beautiful sunny warm day, I went for as usual for my walk in the morning and when I can home a miracle happened. My seizures, tremors, spasm all ceased! Heidi’s story was so impact full that it provided my own mind with the answers it needed to reprogram itself so that it reclaimed total control of my physical body within just a few days! This is just one more example from my experiences in life to the awesome power and understanding of the true power of what I call the DIVA mindset!  I may have the brain of a 10 year old, but through my understanding of how the mind works, I can make my brain do anything in order get the 
job done!

Thank you Heidi for sharing your wonderful story, you can take pride knowing that it help save one person’
s life; mine, and for that I am eternally grateful to you. You have given me the greatest gift of all… “To be 
able to regain living a life full of purpose, meaning and with the respect of others!”

"Thirty-five years ago Heidi was my classmate. I didn't know her well, and I'm not sure if we ever had any classes together but I knew who she was; lovely and soft-spoken. I always thought there was something special about her that just could not put my finger on. Over three decades later this ethereal goddess came back in to my life and I realized why she made such an impression on me all those years ago. I believe with all my heart that she came back in to my life to SAVE my life and my curiosity about her all those years ago, was just foreshadowing. Thirty-five years and lots of life lessons later... we both had similar stories to share.

My health was in shambles from years of bouncing back and forth between neurologists, rheumatologists and a gazillion other specialists for the treatment of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety and chronic Lyme disease. Heidi did something for me that all those expensive specialists never did. Heidi listens. She hears what your body and soul are agonizing over and she formulates a plan. Within a couple of months of a very specific and personalized natural protocol, Heidi put me on the road to freedom from a never ending schedule of doctor appointments, prescription medications, crippling pain, and anxiety. A few months later I was faced with the most difficult emotional challenge of my life. I honestly don't think I would be here had she not come in to my life when she did. She gave me moral support... allowed me to cry when I needed to and cheered me on when I cleared each emotional and physical hurdle. I may not talk to her for a while, but I know she's always there... just a phone call or email away. I consider her my personal healer. She is Gaia on Earth."  

I have waged the battle of weight control for most of my adult life. I have used all the usual methods and diets, even to the extreme of prolonged fasting. Each time, experiencing the usual discomforts of being hungry, having headaches, loss of energy, depression, the results being the usual losing some weight and regaining more weight back, continuing to edge upward over the years.

When my weight reached its highest, I enrolled in the weight program at Vitae Pondera. I lost 20 lbs. in 34 days without the usual weight loss discomforts by following Heidi’s instructions. It is a miracle. My doctor is delighted with my discovery and encourages me to continue on the protocol. Heidi, my MD, and I have agreed to a 34 day maintenance until I reach my goal of 20 more pounds." - M. R.


"I will never have these weight battles again, for the war has been won. My body is readjusting, even the way I think about food is changing. I look forward to every day of building good health and reaching my final goal of 40 pounds lost." -M. H.,

"...I lost 9 pounds in (the first) 14 days and I am very pleased. My best has been 1.5 in a day. I am not 
having any headaches, so I am over that period of adjustment. I feel good...thanks for the help and 
encouragement." - D.L.

"After coming to the US from England, I have experienced gradual weight increase for the past 25 years. After numerous attempts at diets, exercise with trainers, and consultations from other nutritional consultants, no significant weight loss was ever experienced. I then began to experience hypertension, high cholesterol, and chronic fatigue. I was beginning to give up the possibility of a change for the better. When Heidi introduced me to the HCG weight-loss plan, I was very skeptical, but decided I had literally nothing to lose to try it. To my surprise, I experienced 23 lbs. weigh loss the first month. What was also of a great surprise was that in general I did not feel constantly hungry. To say the least, I am in awe of the results and the ease with which the pounds melted away. I have successfully maintained on her program, and thoroughly look forward to continuing to my 90 lb. weight loss goal." D.C.

"Before I came here to Vitae Pondera, I was a loner and didn’t want to be around anyone. I was very anti-social. I came here and it seemed to refresh me and have given me new eyes. The energies here have given me new life and made me understand that my purpose is to help others. Now I know my purpose is to heal others from the things that have troubled me." -T.B. (Age 14)

"Thank you Heidi, for the truly amazing Reiki meditation. I can only explain it like you might recall a trip to another realm. I came for clarity about my work mainly, and left with a heart change. This heart change in me rippled on to my son whom I have been estranged from since last May. I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt the Universe always knows what you need and works at the soul and heart level completely separate from your chattering mind.

During the meditation I received a clear message from the Universe-Call your son and Say "I am sorry if I hurt you in any way, I love you. Then my guide said be quiet, we will do the rest." I was not expecting this message as I had not come for advise about this issue. What I realized later was you listened to your guides, invited me for the mediation and the Universe used you to facilitated the removal of a very real roadblock on my journey. I needed to heal this situation regarding my son in order to go forward. How could I teach forgiveness and the Circle of Love when mine was broken? The minute I spoke from love, my son started crying, and said "I Love you too mom, lets get together next week and talk." Forgiveness is an amazing gift from the Creator. Once love took the place of confusion and anger, peace moved in, cleared out the negative energy, and when we met there was nothing to talk about regarding our time of separation. It was just so important to be seeing each other again. His only remark was something I was not prepared for. He said, "Mom, you are the one person in my life that I have always depended on, you always had my back, I felt you were not defending me, which caused me to feel so separated from your love, it scared me." Just think, I could have missed this statement from my only son. But the Universe, upon my agreement allowed me to be a mother, gave me this precious child and knew it must be healed. I can teach healing as I became a healer that day. Did I get what I came for, I believe I have stated I came for clarity! " Love To The Light, - N.O.

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