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An Expansion of Vitae Pondera College of  Natural Medicine and Vitae Pondera, LLC

123 N. Line St. Mineola, Texas 75773

903-569-9913 ~ 561-613-7569

College website: www.vpcnm.org

Disclaimer:  All information and health suggestions are intended only to educate and assist in personal health efforts. No information in the website is be construed as orthodox or conventional medical advice or diagnosis, but is intended as health and dietary information and lifestyle strategy for wellness and prevention of disease. The information generated should not be interpreted as a substitute for physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment. The resources listed in this guide are not intended to be fully systematic or complete, nor does inclusion here imply any endorsement. If you have any questions regarding any lingering health concern, you should seek medical assistance.

The O.P.Pyle and Ima Hogg Historical Landmarks

Vitae Pondera, Latin interpretation for 'Life Balance', is the name recently given to this beautiful historic home purchased in 1972, by the Hoke family. Built in 1903, by O.P. Pyle, this Queen Anne style Texas Historical Landmark is the location of health consultations and related events. Vitae Pondera holds two historical designations, one for its architectural design, and the other for historical significance as the birthplace of Ima Hogg, daughter of the first Texas-born governor, James Hogg.

The interiors are of luxurious, English decor with a relaxed, elegant atmosphere. There is a large, softly illuminated dining room, library featuring the antique law books of former resident, E.A. Thorpe, and music parlor with an antique organ and handmade family heirloom instruments. The massive, double stairway continues two more flights above leading to the master bedroom, in addition to five other guest rooms on the second level. These spacious, comfortable accommodations are designated for all holistic healing related events. We invite you to take the opportunity to enjoy the many events held here at Vitae Pondera.

The Snail n’ Kale’ expands to a devoted outdoor eating area that can comfortably accommodate guests, should you choose to enjoy outdoor seating for complementary refreshments. It overlooks a double- tiered waterfall and stream flowing approximately 25 feet throughout the patio below, where more eating and conversational seating is available.

A natural labyrinth of native grown trees and shrubs overhang this natural pathway through daylilies and roses. As the end is reached, it leads to a beautiful gazebo where drumming circles and ceremonies can be enjoyed with others by firelight in the evening hours. Additional to the main house, a two-story guest house is devoted to Reiki, therapy, meditation, and small group study facilities.


Vitae Pondera is...

The Stairway to Heaven...

The Stairway to Heaven is located on the second floor cottage. It creates a delightfully ethereal atmosphere to escape for a heavenly mind / body relaxation and stress reduction session. Combination treatments of reiki, reflexology, acupressure, cold laser, hot stones, tuning fork sound therapy, aromatherapy, and hypno-therapeutic visualization customizes your individual health needs at affordable prices. Gift certificates available. Come on your own or share a session with a friend..

Mindful Motion in The Belfry...

Mindful Motion is an expanded program of Vitae Pondera's health and education offerings with classes and social interaction for holistic exercise options. Yoga, posture therapy, therapeutic motion therapy, stress management, music and dance therapy, vibrational medicine, and meditation for  a holistic and mindful lifestyle. Classes are available for groups or special events. 



 The Snail n'Kale Medicinal Gardens

The Snail n' Kale Medicinal Garden is located at Vitae Pondera Institute of Natural Health in Mineola, Texas. What was once a sandy parking lot for eighteen wheeler trucks in 1972, is now a beautiful 1/2 acre lush, gazebo garden. It has been designed in memory of Douglas and Margaret Hoke at this historic landmark, as an interactive classroom venue for the education and propagation of organic food and medicinal herbs for the purpose of preventative health and wellness.


The Gazebo that was build many years ago by Douglas Hoke has been repaired and renovated to become a quaint, planting cottage that we call 'The Hive'. It is nestled in the center of a generously plotted four-quadrant planting ground. Medicinal herbs, edible flowers and heirloom vegetables are growing year around to provide a special place of healing and therapy. Harvests of the grdens will be available for purchase or fair trade. All those interested in working with us in this community garden project are welcome. Please contact us at 903-569-9913. We hope you will join us this Spring season in activities and events, as we prepare for the grand-opening harvest later this summer.


 The Douglas and Margaret Hoke Memorial Gardens, established on December 20, 2015, offers two acres of peaceful serenity for personal prayer, meditation and interaction with nature. As it can be shared, it is also be a place for privacy with ones own thoughts and inner focus. The large Koi pond is located at the birthplace of Ima Hogg, famous philanthropist and daughter of the first Texas governor, James Hogg. In addition, a rolling waterfall stream is the ideal venue for quiet reflection, as the soothing sounds of the rippling water fills the air. A walk through the gardens and surrounding grounds is the perfect time for therapeutic deep-breathing of the fresh, country air. A spa with shoji is available on request for private use, water aerobics, and meditative hydrotherapy.

The Hive
The Hive
Purple iris
East entry to The Hive
Bucket of Beauty
Time to Plant
Garden Library
Rosemary in Spring
Looking upward in The Hive
Baskets in Spring
Memorial Garden
Scene from the Memorial G_0852 (2)
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